Why you should hire a Springfield Massachusetts disability attorney

Social Security suggests you get assistance from a disability lawyer. A 2004 government study found claimants who have disability lawyers get better results:

  1. The odds of getting benefits for claimants with attorney representation were three times higher than the odds of getting benefits for claimants with no representation.
  2. Disability attorneys know what information Social Security needs. The Social Security Administration concedes:
    “Social Security staff lack the time to sufficiently explain program rules and procedures so that applicants can understand what information they need to document their case.”
  3. Disability attorneys provide assistance with the development of evidence over and above the Social Security Administration’s efforts to develop the evidence.
  4. Disability attorneys prepare their clients to improve their effectiveness and credibility as witnesses.

What kind of attorney do you need for your Massachusetts Social Security claim?

Would you hire a general practice doctor if you needed heart surgery? Social Security disability law is written in thousands of pages of fine print and changes constantly. You need an experienced Springfield Massachusetts Social Security lawyer.


  • Someone who specializes in Social Security disability law.
  • Someone who meets with you personally before you hire him or her.
  • Someone who listens to you.
  • Someone who knows the local Massachusetts Social Security judges.

How Springfield Massachusetts Social Security lawyer Jon Abbott can help

Every case is different. An attorney’s role depends on the particular facts of your case. Below is a list of things that I may do for you:

  • Spend enough time with you initially to learn the key facts about your medical and work problems.
  • Gather medical, school, work, and other records the Social Security Administration has ignored.
  • Analyze your case and develop a “plan” to win it.
  • Contact your doctors and encourage them to answer written questions prepared by me about you specifically for your case.
  • Suggest further medical analysis.
  • Send you to a vocational expert for a report on your ability to work.
  • Get your Social Security file.
  • Ask that a prior application by you for benefits be reconsidered so you get more money.
  • Seek a waiver of time limits.
  • Help you prepare a “diary” of your medical symptoms.
  • Advocate on your behalf at a hearing with a Social Security Judge.
  • Prepare you to answer the Judge’s questions.
  • Protect your right to a fair hearing by objecting to improper evidence.
  • Cross-examine witnesses, including expert witnesses.
  • Submit a written argument about the law and the facts that apply to your case.
  • Make sure your benefits are calculated properly.
  • Show you the law that Social Security is using in your case.

For information about my background and qualifications as a Massachusetts disability lawyer, see About me.

Get help with your Massachusetts disability case

If you live in Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, or Berkshire Counties in Western Massachusetts and want assistance with your Social Security disability case, I can help.

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